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Value chain framework

Rural areas are characterized by geographical, socio-cultural and economic differences; as such the “One size fits all” approach does not work. Distinctive solutions are required to solve the basic problems and exploit opportunities for economic growth.

In order to optimize for effective performance, profitability and sustainability in poverty reduction,  in human rights, gender equity,  and the  environment, Upendo Enterprise benefits from using own designed value chain framework as a management and operational strategy.

Explicit in each designed and developed value chain means specific implementation processes including machinery, technology, manufacturing techniques, management skills and processes.

Our approach is  our competitive advantage. It gives us the opportunity to learn about the area we are working, our clients and their socio-economic status. The modules enable us identify the needed inputs, the technology to be used and the type of partners to be engaged in the process. We also get the opportunity of linking our processes and activities to meet the set goals and our customers’ anticipations.


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Managing Director