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The rural-based small scale industries have a key impact on the rural economy; diversity in the economy, new knowledge generates new ideas, products and services, access to financial services, productive employment and increased per capita income for rural people, women in particular.

Diversity in economy

In villages smallholder farming is the main economic activity, engagement in small scale industries will trigger the capacity to adapt to change – engagement in off-farm cash generating activities.

The value chain approach is an opportunity that creates a competitive advantage and is an assurance of business success as it guarantees a ready-market for the produced/manufactured goods.

Investment locations

All our investments are located in poor rural areas where new buildings will be erected as solid long-term investments developing villages into commercial centers with concentration of economic, financial, socio-cultural and administrative services. The investment locations are expected to create productive employment and decent work for sustainable development

 Rural-Clusters and mobile outreach events

The rural-clusters, business skills training and competitions are expected to create a more conducive environment for industrial development and a great opportunity for social franchising among rural businesses as well as:

  • Increased creativity in the rural areas
  • create positive effect , stimulate creativity and business competitiveness
  • Increase knowledge flow, make support services concentrated and cost-effective
  • Make rural communities attractive for researchers, investors etc.
Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 8: “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all “

Goal 9: “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”

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Per Urban Lundin

Managing Director