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Our approach

Working in the rural areas is a trust, relationship-driven and multiple issues effort.

Based on our experience we have decided to use value chains, holistic and human rights-based as well as strategic Public and Private Partnerships approaches to deliver business results.

Upendo Enterprise aim to provide solutions that provide sustainable results as an alternative for hand-to-mouth existence. That means re-directing the use of resources and changing work procedures. This change process restructures the whole community drastically. As such it is very important that we are very familiar with the socio-economic uniqueness in the particular community so as to get the insights into the challenges and opportunities to be encountered during the change process. The important aspects in the process are:

Stakeholder engagement in:

  • Community mobilization and awareness creation
  • Needs and resource assessment process
  • Access to basic services (roads, water, energy, health & education services)
  • Implementation, monitoring and evaluation

Agent business model

We put into practice “agent business model “so as to have continuous local presence in the communities where we are working. We identify, recruit, train and collaborate with locally existing organizations that have the local know-how as our company agents.


Upendo Enterprise work with rural-based clusters in order to:

  • make use of the locally available competences/expertise
  • create positive effect , stimulate creativity and business competitiveness
  • Increase knowledge flow, make support services concentrated and cost-effective
  • make rural communities attractive for researchers, investors etc.

Mobile outreach events

  • Business skills training and competitions
  • Innovation competitions & awards

Meet Our Team


Per Urban Lundin

Managing Director