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Our impact

Our explicit focus is on poverty reduction with sustainable performance results.

Investment locations

All our investments are located in poor rural areas with rural communities as business owners, producers, distributors and consumers. We expect the following to happen;

  • Increased creativity
  • Increased access to financial services
  • Make rural areas attractive and a pleasant place to live.
  • Increased employment opportunities
  • Increased household income
  • Reduced number of young people migrating to towns and cities

Our approach

The value chain approach gives an assurance of business success because there will be a market for what is being produced/manufactured. The rural clusters will provide social franchising opportunities, guarantee knowledge flow and hands-on support.

Access to services addressing basic human needs

We believe that our investments will make substantial contribution to improving the infrastructure like roads, water and energy supply.


Instead of hand-to-mouth approach we invest in rural-based small scale industries that will continue to generate income. Managing an industry means increased access to technical know –how, business skills and management

collaborate with locally existing organizations that have the local know-how as our company agents.


Upendo Enterprise work with rural-based clusters in order to:

  • create positive effect , stimulate creativity and business competitiveness
  • Increase knowledge flow, make support services concentrated and cost-effective
  • Make rural communities attractive for researchers, investors etc.

Mobile outreach events

  • business skills training and competitions
  • Innovation competitions & awards

Meet Our Team


Per Urban Lundin

Managing Director