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Renewable energy

Household biogas packages

Use of alternative energy for cooking will be one of the most important aspects in all value chains.

Upendo Enterprise and partners intend to capitalize on the opportunity of providing alternative energy for cooking instead of firewood  as a strategy in mitigating climate change by reducing deforestation, GHG emissions, reduce health hazards from indoor pollution caused by smoke, improving rural  energy security, promoting gender equality and creating new employment in rural areas.

A pre-study including household survey that was conducted in Muheza District, Tanzania in October 2014 showed that; use of firewood for cooking in rural areas is 100 % and though 95 % of the women interviewed would like to use biogas, the high investment cost, lack of technical know-how and support remains as the main obstacle. We started searching for the best product and found Biogas International Ltd Kenya with an innovative solution to the problem.

The product

Complete household Biogas packages starting with “Flexi biogas systems” that are portable, simple, functional and safe, that are cost effective and adapted to the specific needs of the rural households. The whole package weighs 50 kg and can transported by bicycle, motorcycle or a cat.

For more information about the product follow the link  Flexi Biogas Solutions

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