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Our history

Upendo Enterprise was registered in 2001 by Joyce Kimwaga Lundin. The company has offered its consultancy services to agencies, authorities, municipalities, associations and other companies at different levels in areas of International Project Management, Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Microfinance, Social Innovations, Business Skills Development, and Gender mainstreaming in training programmes, green economy and local democracy.

The founder and owner has received a good number of awards for high-quality performance.

After having full focus in Europe, the company has since 2015 started looking for other opportunities in the Sub-Sahara African markets. The market has high potential growth, but there is still reluctance among foreign investors to invest as the market is perceived to be too risky and non-profitable.

With several years experience in working with micro-entrepreneurs in Europe, we are aware of the problems that micro-entrepreneurs meet in their efforts to expand through engagement in the international markets.

Our cultural and socio-economic linkage to the target market gives us an advantage for setting up joint ventures and would therefore like to give micro-entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow by linking them to “Ending- Poverty Investments”.

The consultancy work for the Municipal Partnership Project between Muheza District Council (Tanzania) and the Municipality of Katrineholm (Sweden) between 2008-2015 has been the great inspiration for the decision to invest in the unexplored African rural market.

Changed ownership

The company is from 2017 March 14 owned by Per Urban Lundin.

Meet Our Team


Per Urban Lundin

Managing Director