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Value chain business partners

Value Chain business partners

Successful value chain implementation requires venturing. Upendo Enterprise creates business opportunities and connects its business partners to the supply chain investments.

Sustainable Development Goal 17: “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Rural areas are characterized by geographical, socio-cultural and economical differences; as such the “One size fits all” approach does not work. Distinctive solutions are required to solve the basic problems and exploit opportunities for economic growth.

Explicit in each designed and developed value chain means specific implementation processes including machinery, technology, manufacturing techniques, management skills and other processes. We therefore need to have strategic business partnerships so as to get access and use of a broader range of resources and expertise for projects’ different modules which can be implemented by micro, small or medium-sized enterprises that have difficulties entering the international market.

  • Business needs and Environmental impact assessments
  • Value chain design
  • Resource mobilization
  • Business skills training
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing & supply of machines
  • Production techniques & Technical Assistance
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Evaluation & socio-economic impact
  • Business opportunities will be announced on our website continuously. Interested business partners can register in our partners’ network database by filling in the partnership-registration-form

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